Frequently Asked Questions

An interventional radiologist uses fluroscopy and x-ray to visualise real time progress during varicose vein specialist treatment

Please use our contact form, giving us as much information as you can about your issue so that we can give you the right information about available treatments, prices, locations and timescales. Someone will respond to your enquiry as soon as we can.

Dr Mark Regi practices from a number of locations across the UK and is also a varicose vein specialist in Dubai, due to open a new UK Veincentre clinic in 2023/2024. You can find details for all clinics on our contact page.

The first consultation will usually take place with Dr Mark Regi plus a nurse and include an initial examination of the issue. If further tests or scans are required they may be organised immediately following the examination, or arranged for a later date. Dr Mark Regi will then discuss your treatment options with you. The initial consultation should take approximately 30 minutes.

The location of clinic appointments depends both on your preferred location and the services you require. Dr Mark Regi most frequently works from Spire Nottingham Hospital and the Veincentre clinics listed below:

Dr Mark Regi is also part of a group of specialist doctors setting up UK Veincentre in Dubai, so it will soon be possible to access a varicose vein specialist in Dubai and get the same high standard of treatment both in the UK and UAE. Details to be announced in 2023/2024.

Full details of all locations can be found on our contact page.

For self-funded private patients, charges are set by Veincentre and Spire Nottingham Hospital according to the individual treatments required.

For some appointments at Spire Nottingham Hospital you may receive a separate bill directly from Dr Mark Regi.

Dr Mark Regi is also listed with the following private health insurers:

  • Aviva
  • Bupa
  • Cigna
  • Vitality Health

We recommend speaking to your insurance provider before making an appointment.

Most issues requiring vascular interventional radiology will not clear up by themselves; procedures are likely to be required to address unhealthy valves within veins for example. However, there may be things you can do to ease your discomfort and manage your symptoms whilst you wait for surgery. For example, wearing compression socks, giving up smoking, regular exercise and a high fibre diet can help to ease the symptoms of varicose veins.

Treatment times vary according to the issue at hand and the agreed treatment plan. However, the majority of treatments listed on our website will take between 30-90 minutes.

Some people may require more than one treatment in order to adequately treat their issue. Dr Mark Regi will discuss this with you in your first appointment, and following any treatment, so you know what to expect.

There are numerous factors that may affect recovery time e.g. the severity of the original issue, the agreed treatment plan, any surgical complications, your age and any other health issues etc. However, for the majority of treatments listed on our services pages, recovery time is expected to be approximately one to four weeks.

Some people may require more than one treatment, which may mean that recovery time is longer overall. Dr Mark Regi will discuss your treatment plan with you in advance so you know if this is likely to apply to you.